Life will always be close to challenges. There are those who consider the challenge to be an encouragement to try better, but there are also those who feel the challenge is a problem that confronts them.

If you want to feel a calm and happy life, at least try to be friendly with problems. Because life consists of a series of events that must be faced. And lifestyle choices are the key to getting the desired calm, happiness and efficiency. The ACIM books is the most recommended book for you to get a better lifestyle.

To achieve all that, let’s look at what needs to be done to achieve a calm, happy, and practical life.

  1. Don’t worry

It’s natural if sometimes you feel scared and worried. But if left to drag on, those feelings will trigger stress, mental illness, and become a source of unhappiness. Though worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet will consume a large portion of the energy that can be ignited to more positive activities.

  1. Thankful

Gratitude will reassure the soul and positive thinking becomes the key. Gratitude is also able to direct us to always do good by sharing. Learning to be thankful and thankful for all that has been obtained, even when faced with something bad, will calm down.

  1. Sleep peacefully

Bad memories that are brought to sleep will have a negative impact on health, especially in the brain. When angry and disappointed hit and all problems are brought to sleep, then the person is vulnerable to stress because of the bad memories. So, don’t bring trouble when you sleep.

  1. No revenge

Revenge will make you think negatively and undermine the spirit of life. Because your mind is always focused on something that affects other people and makes you not focus on your own life. Because of that, get rid of revenge because it’s of no use. It’s time to live happily without having to reciprocate the negative treatment of others. For more information, you should visit

  1. It’s nostalgic

Beautiful memories are indeed hard to forget, even sad memories are hard to erase. But in essence, all that is the past. Just take lessons from memories and stare into the future. After all, you live for tomorrow, not yesterday.

  1. Close to God

Worship is one way to calm your heart and mind. Remember where we came from and where we will return. In this case, watch this recommended video

  1. Choose the practical one

With heavy traffic, do you choose to work with congestion on the road or other convenient means of transportation to the office? Choose practical, easy, and comfortable for you. At least this will ease the mind and reduce the energy wasted on the road.

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