The unique numerical label that identifies and connects every device that uses internet protocol to communicate is known as an IP address. In simple words, it is a digital address that connects every device to the internet.

When you buy a domain and hosting package, every server package offers an IP address. In this article, we are going to focus on the need for a dedicated IP address for hosting a dedicated server in Australia and its benefits.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is an exclusively designed IP address for a single user or device. They are purchased by paying some extra fees to your hosting provider for its maintenance.

Dedicated IP addresses are adopted by companies for more authoritarian controls of their used IP addresses. There are allowed listing rules that help network admins make a robust system for decreasing the chances of attacks.

What is the difference between a Dedicated IP Address and a Shared IP Address?

Aspect Shared IP Address Dedicated IP Address
Exclusivity A shared IP address is available to all users, although its ownership rotates. A dedicated IP address offers exclusivity; this means it is reserved for a sole entity.
Cost Shared IP Address is a cost-effective option and does not require any maintenance. A dedicated IP Address is purchased by paying the extra cost and is expensive, requiring maintenance.
Use Cases It is common for general users. It is common in business contexts.
Email Marketing Share IP Address offers less control over deliverability and reputation management. A dedicated IP Address offers more control over deliverability and reputation management.
Web Hosting As shared, it is at high risk of cross-contamination due to less isolation from other web pages on the same server. It is not shared, enjoying exclusivity; therefore, it is easier to ensure isolation from other web pages on the same server. This reduces the risk of cross-site contamination.
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) With shared IP, you are offered less security and control and fewer customisation opportunities for network administrators. With a Dedicated IP address, you are offered more security and control and more customisation opportunities for network administrators.

Benefits of Dedicated IP Address for Dedicated Server Hosting

1.    High Security

Enhanced security is the primary advantage of a dedicated IP address. As the IP address is exclusively dedicated to a particular device or webpage, it becomes harder for hackers to access and exploit it.

2.    Enhances Quality Email Deliveries

A dedicated IP address is exclusive, making it easily identifiable. You can easily guess the source of the mail received and determine whether it is legit or not. It helps to decrease spamming and enhances quality email deliveries in your inbox.

3.    Improves loading Speed and Performance

A dedicated IP address enhances your webpage performance as the performance of your web pages is not influenced due to any other webpage. It helps with loading speed and performance.

4.    Flexibility In DNS Configurations

With a dedicated IP address, you get complete control over the DNS configuration, so you can make any changes you need. This can be handy for businesses that are in frequent need of DNS settings, allowing more flexibility.


There are numerous benefits of a dedicated IP address, as stated above. Hence, to keep your connection safe and speed up your website, consider opting for a dedicated IP address.

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