When making love, some men may be anxious because the penis is not erect longer. Especially when men get older, the penis gets harder and longer erections. This can make a man embarrassed when dealing with a partner. The Generic Viagra can make the penis gets more harder and longer erections. You can get it on Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Even thinking, they don’t erect themselves to satisfy a partner. There is a surefire way to help the penis stay erect.

Try a new sex position

A new sex position can make the atmosphere sexy and hot. The penis remains erect. If a man has difficulty keeping his penis erect, then trying a new sex position is a simple step to do.

A new sex position can awaken a man’s imagination so that the penis remains erect. You can try a new sex position, which usually in the bedroom changes to a super soft rug in the living room.

When the penis remains erect, he will be more active ‘in action.’

Apply a healthy lifestyle

So that the penis can erect, blood flow and circulation need to be healthy. Caring for your body and living a healthy lifestyle will help improve both of these.

If a man smokes, then he must consider quitting smoking. Smoking damages the blood circulation, which in turn makes the penis erect.

Exercise can also increase testosterone levels, which makes men more aroused. This will get and can maintain an erection longer.

Focus on foreplay

Foreplay will not only increase sex drive but make the penis remain erect. During foreplay, you can touch or masturbate together.

This method will tempt men to stay aroused and make their moods good. A good mood will help the penis stay erect.

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