The thrills of renting a car are egalitarian. By this, we mean they are not restricted to any set of people. Rather, they can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, status, and wealth.

But there are instances where rentals may not be used up. Check and you will find a few of them. Reading car rentals reviews, we know ways unused rentals can be maximized.

1.     Reselling:

 Once car rentals no longer fulfil their purposes, it is at the discretion of the renter to resell the claims by likewise renting it out. Thus is known as subletting. But before any renter can sublet, there are steps he takes. The renter first needs to find out if he is allowed to rent out a rented car. Not all companies allow subletting and not all lease contracts permit it. So, he first needs to find out if he can sublet and recover his money from the unused services. This is one way to maximize his satisfaction.

2.     Ask if someone would need it:

Since it’s rented and you don’t want it unused, you may consult one of your friends and ask if s/he would need such service. Rather than let it go to waste, this is one form of maximisation. Your friend will appreciate such gestures and may even pay them back later in the future. And if none of your friends needs it, which can’t be ruled out, there is nothing wrong in posting on social media, seeking a stranger out as long as you are not breaking any rules that guide the contract.

3.     Contact for a refund:

Maximizing can be in form of a refund or sticking to a return policy. Since it is unused, you can contact the rental company for a refund and provide reasons why the rented car would not be needed anymore. Most rental firms have a flexible return policy, anyway, and you need not bother about the rigours of a refund, as ideally it should be provided once prompted. But a refund questions the use of the car, if truly not used or leased out, and there is often a timeframe that guides the doctrines of returns.

4.     Have it extended:

Some rental companies offer extension features for unused car rentals. If the client wants the service extended, they are more than willing to make it happen. All the client needs to do is to contact the company and explain that they would be needing an extension possibly later in the future. Extensions, however, may come with a fee, depending on the timeframe. The longer the extension, the extra the charges.

5.     Try rental donation:

The question is: Can rents be donated? Since you already paid for the service, we believe you can have the rent donated which is the same as gifting out. Donating rents works more like discussing if your friend would need it or if a stranger on the internet would need it. You can also make arrangements with the company to have it gifted to anyone in need of such service.

There are several smart ways to make your rents come to fruition without you regretting the amount you paid for it. Some of these ways are in cash and kind.

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