In these past few years, a lot has been said about palm oil products and how they are supposedly very harmful to the environment. However, that is not the full truth. Even though trees are cut down to make palm oil, palm oil products are a lot less harmful to nature than, for example, sunflower oil. Palm oil is in fact one of the most environmentally friendly oils. Palm oil products can range anywhere from cookies to soap, so chances are that you use at least one product with palm oil in it in your daily life. Don’t beat yourself up about using palm oil products, because you are actually doing the environment a huge favor!

Is there anything more environmentally friendly than palm oil?

You can use sustainable palm oil instead of regular palm oil, since this is a lot better for the environment. Replacing palm oil with rapeseed oil or other types of oil will not do much, since these require a lot of land and water. This is why using sustainable palm oil products is the best option if you want to use more environmentally friendly and sustainable products. You might even find that a lot of your favourite products already use palm oil, so there’s no need to go and look for alternatives!

No need to stop using palm oil products

Through advertising, people have been told that palm oil is harmful and one of the least environmentally friendly oils. When a product says something along the lines of “palm oil free”, the reason behind that is to make you believe that this is the healthier, less harmful choice. This way of advertising makes it so that people don’t even think for themselves anymore, they just read labels and believe them. Don’t just believe anything that you read on the internet or a pack of cookies. Do your research, and do not be afraid to use palm oil products!

Being more environmentally aware

Of course it’s best to use natural products that were produced in an environmentally friendly manner. This means you can still use palm oil, but you don’t necessarily have to. As long as you use products that aren’t a threat to our planet, there’s no need to feel guilty about your consumption as a person. It is always good to do your own research and find out how you can be more sustainable by maybe using alternatives for something. Palm oil, however, needs no such substitute. Go ahead and buy those cookies you love so much, because despite popular belief, palm oil products are actually completely safe and harmless! Read more about palm oil on this website, if you are interested in learning more.

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