Consumers are becoming more and more aware of different products and their ingredients. They are critical of the content and how it is made. Organic products are therefore more popular than ever. But, as a seller of organic products, how do you ensure that you have the best organic products in stock? With the tips from this blog you ensure a good range of organic products.

What are organic products?

Organic products such as organic protein and organic pumpkin seeds are grown in a sustainable way. This takes into account people, animals and the environment. The farmers burden nature as little as possible and no chemicals such as pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics or hormones are used in the process. Furthermore, no chemical colors, fragrances and flavors may be added to organic products. You will therefore not encounter any GMOs in it, but the product can spoil a bit faster because no preservatives have been added.

There are a number of reasons why consumers choose organic products. The biggest reason is that people want to limit their intake of chemicals. In addition, they often choose organic for the environment. The taste is also purer than non-organic products and finally the farmer receives a fair price for his products. Non-organic products are often sold way too cheap. Organic products are not necessarily healthier than non-organic products and there is actually no difference in terms of nutritional value. The biggest difference is in processing. As a result, organic products often contain more vitamins, minerals and bio active substances than non-organic products.

Quality of organic products

There are a number of things to take into account when purchasing organic products. Of course, you want to have a positive impact on the environment and choose products that have been grown with respect for nature. Most wholesalers have a quality department. This department is responsible for quality assurance and quality control. In addition, it is good to check if your wholesaler is certified according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and if it has the Skal certificate. On most websites of wholesalers you can read an overview of quality declarations and you can view the certificates.

Finally, it is also good to check how the products are packaged. Most organic wholesalers use recyclable packaging to reduce plastic consumption. In short, if you want to buy the best organic products you need to check if the wholesaler is certified.

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