A lawn is almost impossible to imagine the backyard without. Some people even have a beautiful lawn in the front garden. When landscaping the garden, chances are there will also be a lawn. Most people have a lawn for looks, but other families like to have it for the children. When laying the lawn, you have a choice of two different methods. You can choose to have turf installed, or you can have it sown. To sow a lawn, you obviously need grass seed. Yet, buying grass seed can be very tricky and there are many things to consider. What should you take into account? In this article, we will go into this in detail so that you can find out everything you need to know.


As with many other products, there are quality differences between different types of grass seeds. It is hugely important to look at the N.A.K. quality mark of the grass seeds. This shows that the inspection service has carried out a check, and this should not be forgotten. Quality grass seeds have a high germination rate and are also pure. It is therefore always important to buy the seeds from a reliable provider. This can be done very easily on the internet, and MOOWY Gras seeds have a good quality.


There are different grass seeds for every purpose, and this makes choosing grass seed even more difficult. Do you want to repair or strengthen an existing lawn? Or do you want to sow a completely new lawn? These questions are very important and the application of the lawn is also essential. For example, are children going to play on it or do you want to have a lounge set placed on the lawn? You have, for example, extra strong grass seed for sports fields, but also grass seeds for a lawn in the garden. There are also special grass seeds that grow faster in the shade.


Maintenance of a lawn is very important, and grass sowing is part of this. Besides sowing grass, it is also important to water the lawn regularly. This way, the lawn is less likely to dry out, which is a big advantage. The grass should also be regularly scarified so that the thatch layer disappears. This way, sunlight can reach the grass again and provide the right nutrients, perfect for the lawn.

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